Declarative collection

It may be hard to talk about true feelings. All words seem inadequate and pale in comparison to the enormity of what you want to convey. Scents are mediators between souls. They do not need to be put into words. They are more precise than any words.

Sincere confessions expressed in the olfactory language, the language of the soul.

For the Declarative collection, we created fragrances that embody the most important, most intimate feelings.

Impressive collection

Studies show that our sense of smell gives us much more information about the world and people around us than we think. Scents permeate us when we breathe in and make our judgments about everything and everyone, making us feel certain things for no apparent reason.

Expressive, eloquent, non-conformist, scents set off conscious and unconscious associative chains that create a radiant image of their wearer.

Fragrances of the Impressive collection are designed to stun. Their wearer cannot be overlooked.

Liberating collection

Fragrance frees the senses from conventions. Perfume can help us confess to ourselves and tell others about the most intimate desires that are usually kept secret.

To feel like your true self. To feel truly happy.

The fragrances in the Liberating collection are carnal and sensual.

Pleasurable collection

By spraying a fragrant cloud before ourselves and entering it, we create our own atmosphere in the literal sense of the word. And it is entirely up to us to decide what that atmosphere will be. The perfume wraps around you like a weightless silk veil and stays with you throughout the day, sometimes reminding of itself with a gentle touch.

Meditative fragrances that you just want to take in.

No matter what is happening in the world, beautiful gardens bloom around you, blessing your soul with peaceful joy.

Evocative collection

The sense of smell has a closer connection to memory than any other sense. We do not yet fully understand why, but everyone has probably experienced this connection at some point.

A perfume bottle is a vessel that can store any memory.

When you take in the first breath, the fragrance caresses your soul, golden specks of the past instantly flutter up from its depths and envelop you in the very same unmistakable emotions.

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