We possess no secret knowledge and we can do no kind of magic. But what we do know is the power of scent and how to harness it.

Scents hold more power over us than we realize; they influence not only our minds, but even our emotions.

When you take in the first breath, the fragrance caresses your soul, golden specks of the past instantly flutter up from its depths and envelop you in the very same emotions that you will never confuse with anything else.

Perfumery is our cult.
And we have embodied our admiration in a perfume house.

The niche brand Perfume Cult is created by perfume enthusiasts from around the world.

Its fragrances and collections have been developed by an experienced team of experts who combine the latest research data on the effects of scent with reverence and respect for the perfume culture.

As all of the brand’s fragrances are in the form of perfumes, they have a 25 percent concentration of the perfume composition.

A perfume is the most expensive and most luxurious type of perfumery products.

Fragrances in this concentration develop over time, changing, flowing, unveiling different facets of their beauty.

This allows Perfume Cult fragrances to smell different on each person depending on the individual characteristics of their skin.

Perfume Cult was born in the United Arab Emirates.

Here, millennia-old Arabian Peninsula perfumery culture met the cutting-edge technologies, making it the ideal place to create fragrances that meet all the criteria of the true perfumery.

Perfumery that makes you happy.

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